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Manifesting in a Renewed Spirit

September 24, 2020 – 6 Tishri 5781

Today marks the first day of the beginning of the rest of your entire life. What does that mean? Well, today is a brand new day. Each day we enter into allows us the opportunity to change things we do, change the world around us, change our lives as we know it. Food has a lot to do with that change. Food plays an integral part in the way we perceive things, in our ability to think and strategize, and in our overall performance both physically and mentally. Reading Daniel 1 will shed some light on how important food is to our spiritual development. Eating clean, sustainable, whole foods provides the best access to the proper nutrients we need to return to a healthy lifestyle and spiritual growth.

According to statistics from the American Heart Association, the African American population is suffering from cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, stroke and diabetes1. These statistics are staggering. We must learn to change the way we eat, the way we drink, the way we exercise, and how we entertain ourselves. In many cases, food is comforting and an escape from the madness around us. However, our choice of food and food preparation can be changed to optimize our health and that of our family members. I have delicious ways to recalibrate your tastebuds to enjoy sustainable foods that will serve the spiritual unity with The Eternal. But first we must cleanse. That cleaning is not only physical but it is spiritual and mental. We exist in oneness of mind, body and spirit, so we must nurture all of them. I can show you how to do this!

As we approach the High Holy Days, let us do so with this in mind… you are what you eat! Cleansing ourselves of contaminants that disrupt that unification is key to a wonderful transition to a more vibrant quality of life. Many of our comfort foods are foods that are laden in saturated fat, prepared under high temperatures and served together with other foods that clog the arteries or promote build up. It is more important now than ever to watch our cholesterol levels and manage a better, more holy diet to reduce our intake of fake foods that serve little or no purpose in our redemptive process. Eating a diet rich in whole foods with sustainable nutrients that are designed to recalibrate our health can absolutely get us on the right track and help our children change the statistics that reflect more desirable results2.

What method of cleansing you use is ultimately up to you and your doctor. If you are on medication, you will need to take careful steps in cleansing and discuss in detail with your health care professional. Our bodies are meant to be sustained by the righteous food we put into our bodies. We are holy and holy food sustains a holy body.

Types of cleanses:


Water     Garlic    Live Food     Colon     Herbal    Teas


There are so many great choices, and there is one fit just for you. If you find it is difficult to get through these challenges, you can call on me for coaching services. Our 360! For Life! program provides a wonderful guide to sustainable living and maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle. You can contact me directly at Servant2YAH@msn.com for additional information or subscribe to my YouTube channel for some great demonstrations. See more here and please subscribe https://youtu.be/2tbgUhYck8c.

Until then,

Be Blessed and Stay Protected~


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by Q’Adirah for HINT Magazine

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