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The Real Terrorists

October 20, 2015 – 8 Heshvan 5776
Savages. Barbarians. Terrorists. These words were carefully selected and used by the “Capitol Hill Show” host and Washington Times staffer Tim Constantine to describe those who celebrate “tragedy”…”senseless death”… and future “threat[s] to do more mayhem.” More specifically, he used those words to describe the entire Black Lives Matter Movement, which has come to organized itself internationally to “fight anti-Black racism, to spark dialogue amongst Black people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement.” The calculated labeling of the movement is just another hypocritical attack of the White Supremacist Power Structure to de-legitimize a growing swell of young activists who are intent on reducing its very existence to dust. However, as we have seen countless times in various anti-establishment resistance movements, the Psy-Ops and Info-War, led by the the Main Stream Media’s propaganda machine, has been set in full motion to justify the systematic criminalization and annihilation of those who are aligned with the Black Lives Matter Movement. 
Citing incidents in Minnesota, St. Louis, Baltimore and Atlanta where the indignant gathering of people, both so-called Black and White, voiced their frustrations about the chronic and continuous rash of police brutality and corruption that the “so-called” Black Community has historically faced, Constantine focused on and characterized the chants and the effigy’s that the protesters displayed as an “apparent advocacy of violence against police.” While certain incidents that Constantine described may be of a truth, the fact remains that, according to a Russian Times report, the month August witnessed an unimaginable 103 people murdered (of which 27 were identified as so-called Black) by police in the US, which is slightly less than the recorded 125 murders in the month of July as reported by the Killed by Police Project. Notwithstanding the inappropriateness of the reactionary nature of some of the protests that individuals associated with the Black Lives Matter Movement display, it is of an unquestionable matter that the reckless and murderous behavior of police in America has quickly spun back to the era of extrajudicial vigilantism reminiscent of the late 19th and early 20th Century age of lynchings.

While blatantly discounting and disregarding the absolutely glaring reality that US Police Killings Violate International LawConstantine goes on to say in his propagandist article that

If the criteria for being considered a terrorist group is someone who uses violent action or threats of violent action for political purposes, Black Lives Matter is clearly a terrorist group. If members actually hope to achieve racial harmony, the organization needs to immediately renounce violence and work with law enforcement to find common ground. If instead the group continues to poison the atmosphere with calls for violent acts against the men and women who serve and protect us, we must call members of Black Lives Matter what they are — terrorists.

Insulated in his bubble of White Privilege, Constantine clearly has not experienced the protracted years of systematic oppression and victimization that America has consistently dealt to so-called Blacks in America. Utilizing the classic American tactic of blaming the victim, for Constantine, the idea of police in the Urban core is a presence that is intended to “serve and protect,” while for so-called Blacks, the police presence is nothing less than a threat to their very existence; not to mention the Ku Klux Klan connections to the police and military forces,  which have been historically and presently an intrinsic American phenomena. Coupled with his absurd call for the so-called Black Community to renounce violence in the face of violence, which is self-defense and self-preservation, Constantine is clearly promoting the genocide of so-called Black America in a manner that has continuously been invoked with such innocuous guile as of late. Simply put, the misrepresentation of the Black Lives Matter Movement by Constantine is meant to deal a death blow to the rising tide of unity and fearlessness in the face of White Supremacy that the movement has set in motion.

Interestingly, over 50 years ago, Malcolm X touched upon this very issue that was burning in his day. Malcolm accurately and unflinchingly described the conditions that existed both in his day, and ours, as relates to the so-called Black Community’s relationship with the police. In a May 1964 speech at the Militant Labor Forum Hall, Malcolm addressed the rise of a group of youth who were called the Blood Brothers that had caused White New Yorkers a great deal of alarm. The media quickly alleged that they had come together to maim and kill white people as a result of the brutalities that they were facing then. In seeking to contextualize the angst that had grown among a growing number of so-called Blacks, Malcolm exposed the source of such aggression by Blacks as a side affect of the conditions that they were daily facing. Delivering his diagnosis of the situation, Malcolm boldly proclaimed,

If we’re going to talk about police brutality, it’s because police brutality exists. Why does it exist? Because our people in this particular society live in a police state. A black man in America lives in a police state. He doesn’t live in any democracy, he lives in a police state. That’s what it is…And once all of them realized that they were blood brothers, they also realized what they had to do to get that man off their back. They lived in a police state. Algeria was a police state. Any occupied territory is a police state; and that is what Harlem is. Harlem is a police state; the police in Harlem, their presence is like occupation forces, like an occupying army. They’re not in Harlem to protect us; they’re not in Harlem to look out for our welfare; they’re in Harlem to protect the interests of the businessmen who don’t even live there. The same conditions that prevailed in Algeria that forced the people. the noble people of Algeria, to resort eventually to the terrorist type tactics that were necessary to get the monkey off their backs, those same conditions prevail today in America in every Negro community.

For Malcolm it was clear, resistance, self-defense, and the use of sabotage and subversion were essential steps to be taken in the liberation process; something that though Constantine historically knows all too well, as both the descendant of Romans and an American, he refuses to acknowledge that what elements of the Black Lives Matter Movement is undergoing is a revolutionary necessity to challenge the oppressive hegemony of the West. The fact that Constantine even had the audacity to link the struggles of the people of Asia and Northeast Africa to that of the so-called African America is indeed a profound nexus due to the creation of liberation groups who have banded together and have resorted to violence to counter their violent Western Imperialists whose use of force is continuously justified by the power of their might. This is because the world has grown tired and risen up against the planet’s original and only true terrorist who has stolen land, people and resources, raped women, murdered babies, enslaved and dehumanized humanity; the Caucasian. And though the label of terrorist does not affix itself to all who are classified as so-called Whites, the system that they have created and implemented the world over bears witness to their savage, barbaric and outright terrorist displays of depravity against humanity. Therefore the time of reckoning has come, and though it is nearly impossible to physically wage war against this beastly system of the White Supremacy Power Structure, there are other ways to go about methodically defeating the greatest scourge the Earth has ever known, which will be discussed in a future article. But to understand why members of the Black Lives Matters Movement has resorted to the advocacy of violence in the ugly face of systematic violence, Malcolm stated in the same speech referenced earlier that,

You will find that there is a growing tendency among us, among our people, to do whatever is necessary to bring this to a halt. You have a man like Police Commissioner Murphy-and I’m not against the law; I’m not against law enforcement. You need laws to survive and you need law enforcement to have an intelligent, peaceful society; but we have to live in these places and suffer the type of conditions that exist from officers who lack understanding and who lack any human feeling, or lack any feeling for their fellow human being…I’m not here to apologize for the existence of any blood brothers. I’m not here to minimize  the factors that hint toward their existence. I’m here to say that if they don’t exist, it’s a miracle…If those of you who are white have the good of the black people in this country at heart, my suggestion is that you have to realize now that the day of nonviolent resistance is over; that the day of passive resistance is over…The next thing you’ll see here in America-and please don’t blame it on me when you see it-you will see the same things that have taken place among other people on this earth whose condition was parallel to the 22 million Afro-Americans in this country…

It would seem that as a journalist, Tim Constantine would realize these historic factors and therefore take a more balanced and objective approach to the conditions that have caused elements of the Black Lives Matter Movement to take such a hard-line approach, but being a member of the presstitutes whose agenda is further polarize society and create the hostile conditions for a race war, Constantine is just continuing to add fuel to the fire in this house ablaze with historically misplaced hatred for people because of the color of their skin. All of this is following the plans of the 1% of the 1% whose power extends into every area of human activity and have set in motion a plan to keep the masses at each others throats in order to cloak their diabolical machinations which has drained the very life force from humanity. It is they who are the real terrorist and those whose plans and actions have damned this course of history and has led the world to the brink of ruin. Until they are exposed, charged and sentenced for their heinous crimes, the world will continue to suffer at the hands of the most cruel people who have ever existed. May their time come soon and their crimes be swiftly and justly tried and convicted.
by Qorbanyahu bayn Yisrael aka The End Time Scribe

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