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Truth of Our Fathers: The Awakening of the Hebrew Israelites

June 2, 2016 – 25 Iyyar 5776

Good decisions come from good information. When an individual is denied sufficient and accurate information about possible life altering situations or events, this person cannot be expected to make positive decisions that are beneficial for them or those around them. This cognitive process is a part of our everyday lives, and it is proven, through the accumulation of fact based information, we are more likely to make better choices, in regards to our beliefs and our personal course of action.

This idea applies directly to Israel, in the sense that we are provided no accurate or sufficient information of who we are, but make choices in our lives that tend to result in failure because of this lack of knowledge. We are taught we must worship Jesus, or Allah to receive salvation, because we are “Christians” and “Muslims”. This poses a problem because we are neither Christians nor Muslims. Therefore, our worship of these gods hinders us, continually subjecting us to the curses of the Covenant. One has to wonder, would so-called Black Christians and Muslims in America be a part of either religion if their slave masters had not been so? We now pray to Jesus because our European slave masters beat it into us. We pray to Allah because our Muslim slave masters beat it into us. Before our enslavement, we knew nothing of “Christ” or “Allah”. We only knew YAH.

The Arab Muslims know their identity, as does the Chinese Buddhist, the Roman Catholic, and the Indian Hindu. They also know their heritage, their culture, and most importantly, their gods. They make decisions based around this information, and most of the time it is to the betterment and success of them, their families, and their people. Since we, the so-called Negro, possess no identity, we cannot make good decisions for our families, our people, or ourselves. No matter how much we pray to Jesus, prostrate before Allah, or confess to the priest, our people will continue to make the most uninformed decision we could possibly make; and that is forsaking our Creator.

The above is an excerpt from the book Truth of Our Fathers by F.A. Johnson.

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Jesse K Smith February 14, 2023 – 23 Shevat 5783 at 6:46 am

I ŕead your comments, and can not help but to agree with what was said, I am a preacher, I am still seeking fulfillment of the ŕeal truth for my self and those I teach


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