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Book: African American History: The Untold Stories

February 23, 2021 – 11 Adar 5781
Yvette Long’s book, African American History: The Untold Stories connects people to the true history of African Americans in America. It’s the true American History story – untold stories will inspire the reader to achieve to their fullest potential and to work towards a more united, equitable and just America. Our nation has lived in the shameful shadows of the past, in this book the truths are revealed which will allow us to live more peaceful and harmoniously while demonstrating our greatness in leadership.  True Americas have no need to rely upon the carrying of a flag to prove their patriotism, being an American is a natural way of being supported by strong character traits, values, and the respectful treatment of others. The book is also valuable to educators and individuals who appreciate truth and facts, rely upon the events of the past to serve as a guide in preventing repeated past mistakes, and those needing to find the missing gaps to their identity and purpose. The popular, currently told version of American history is missing large segments of the true American History story. This book will enrich understanding of Americans of African descent, proving not only knowledge but also an appreciation and respect for individuals who have given so much to this great nation for hundreds of years. It is more important than ever to learn the untold stories of American history and begin the change of consciousness to interact, perceive and better communicate with Americans of African descent. A more robust understanding of our history counters bias, racism, and unfounded prejudice. What we have in common is more significant than our differences. The book is published and available in paperback and kindle on Amazon. The book’s website is https://www.africanamericanuts.com/, and related online lessons are available at https://www.africanamericanuts.info/

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