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An Unequal Division of Labor

May 24, 2018 – 10 Sivan 5778

Many, if not most, workers experience times in their lives when their responsibilities at work conflict with their responsibilities at home. This is a problem that is felt acutely by all workers who have caregiving responsibilities at home—whether they are caring for a baby, a child, another adult with a disability, or an elder. While all working caregivers can experience similar struggles, this report focuses on working parents who need time to care for their children while also bringing home a paycheck. Unfortunately, due to a lack of national public policies to support the realities of working families’ needs, most parents have to find ways to meet all their obligations without access to employment policies that guarantee them common-sense supports such as paid leave, workplace flexibility, scheduling predictability, and affordable child care. Women, low-wage workers, and people of color—who are even less likely to have access to the policies that would help them to address their families’ caregiving responsibilities—disproportionately feel these effects.

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